Before, During and After Your Carpet Installation

So you’ve made the decision to choose carpet for your floors and have pored over endless swatches of available carpet and have made your choice as to which of them you prefer. So what now? Installation is the next step but if you are unsure as to what happens during this process, here is a brief guide to what needs to happen before, during and after the process.


The first thing that you need to do is to remove all furniture from the room that’s being carpeted. You will also need to disconnect any electrical appliances such as televisions, DVD players and stereos. Unless previously agreed with your carpet supplier or fitter, you may have to remove the old floor covering before the carpet fitters arrive. For this purpose, you might need to arrange to have a skip or other means of waste disposal at your home. This can be used to dispose of your old floor covering and to also dispose of any leftover scraps of carpet once the installation is completed.


Similar to the installation of eco flooring such as bamboo flooring in Sydney, it is important that you be present throughout the entire carpet installation process. While this doesn’t mean that you need to stand at the shoulder of your carpet fitter, you will need to be available to answer any questions they may have. Try your best to keep children away from where the installers are working, as they will be using sharp tools that are potentially dangerous to children. When your carpet has been fitted, make sure to walk through the area with the carpet fitter to inspect the finished job and to ask any questions you may have with regard to care and maintenance.


Once the carpet installers have left, it is important to air out your home to get rid of any fumes from the adhesives that were used during the process. Also, after a new carpet has been fitted there may be a period where it appears to shed. This is a normal occurrence and is the result of fibres loosening during the installation. For the first few days after your carpet has been fitted, regular vacuuming will address and rectify the issue. If you have any problems after your carpet has been fitted, such as ripples appearing or any loosening of the carpet, make sure to contact your carpet installer without delay.

As with any home improvement project, planning and preparation is vital when it comes to carpet fitting. Being as informed as possible will make the whole installation process that little bit easier for you and your family.

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Redesigned your kitchen? Check out these Flooring Options

As the hub of your home, your kitchen floor gets put through its paces in terms of the level of footfall it experiences on a daily basis. In addition to that, your kitchen is the place where food is prepared, cooked and eaten, much of which inevitably finds its way to the floor – especially if you’ve got kids! For that reason, your kitchen floor must withstand regular brushing as well as cleaning. This is why choosing the right kitchen flooring is so important.

There are many different types of flooring available for your kitchen, with the most popular kitchen floor coverings being linoleum, tiles and laminate flooring. Here we take you through each type of flooring so that you can decide which suits your kitchen, your lifestyle and your budget best.


Linoleum has been a popular option of kitchen flooring for many years. Easy to maintain, comfortable underfoot and one of the least expensive options, linoleum is a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly floor covering for their kitchen.

In addition to being the ultimate budget-friendly option, linoleum is also available in a wide range of colors and styles meaning that there is something to suit every colour scheme and every preference. What was once a very bland type of flooring, linoleum is now available in styles that do a great job of mimicking the appearance of ceramic tiles and stone.


Ceramic tiles are yet another popular kitchen flooring option that many homeowners choose. In fact, given their extreme durability and very stylish finish, ceramic tiles can be seen in millions of homes around Australia.

These types of tiles are very easy to clean and are stain-resistant as well as being resistant to moisture too. Porcelain tiles are a type of glazed ceramic tile that have grown in popularity in recent years – these will add a high sheen to your kitchen floor and a modern, contemporary look to your home.

Laminate Flooring

If you like the idea of wood flooring for your kitchen but need something that is less expensive than hardwood flooring but gives the same visual effect, laminate flooring is the perfect choice. Laminate flooring is scratch-resistant and stain resistant making it a fantastic choice for busy family kitchens.

Laminate flooring is easy to clean and requires no specific wood-staining or treatments. It is also easily installed with little or no fuss – although you may prefer to leave it to a professional.

When choosing between the different flooring options for your kitchen, make sure to take all the relevant factors into account. This is the only way you’ll ensure that you choose the right kitchen flooring for you and your family.

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Some Tips to help you Choose a Carpet for your Business

If you are installing carpet in your business premises or are replacing the current carpet in the building, you may need a little guidance to ensure that you don’t waste any of your hard-earned money. Being aware of the pointers below will mean that you will be better positioned to make the right decision when choosing the right carpet for your premises.

  1. Consider the Foot traffic

Being mindful of the level of foot traffic is important when choosing a commercial carpet. For example, if your business is open to the public and you expect a large amount of footfall on a daily basis, then you will need a more hard-wearing option, such as a nylon carpet, for your premises. In this instance, a good quality carpet suited to high levels of use will be a wise investment. For lower levels of foot traffic, a polypropylene carpet may be a better choice.

  1. Choose the Right Style

When it comes to choosing a carpet for your business premises, take care to choose a style and colour that works well with your office furniture and décor. There are several types of commercial carpet available such as cut pile carpet, loop carpet or carpet tiles and which style you choose should be given some careful consideration. You should remember that spending that little bit of extra time in choosing the right style of carpet for your business will reflect on your business in a positive way.

  1. Think about the Maintenance

The level of maintenance that a carpet will require is another important aspect of choosing a commercial carpet for your business. To prolong its life, a carpet needs to be maintained in the right way and with the right cleaning equipment. Also, remember to ensure that the carpet you choose does not require an inordinate amount of maintenance, as this will quickly become a nuisance to you.

  1. Allocate a Budget

Make sure that you are fully clear as to what you have available in your budget for your commercial carpet purchase. While some commercial carpet can be very expensive, there is cheap carpet available if that’s what you are after. Take the time to shop around and get a price that includes underlay as well as installation.

Once you can appreciate the basics of what you need to consider before you purchase a carpet for your business premises, you are already halfway to the finish line! As with any big purchase, make sure that you deal with a carpet retailer that has a good reputation and who will stand over the quality of their products with an appropriate guarantee.

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The Many Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Fitter

Once you have purchased a carpet in Sydney for your home, the next thing you need to consider is who is going to fit it. Your two options are to give it a go and fit it yourself or hire a professional carpet fitter. Of course the biggest factor in this decision will most likely be the cost, which is not how it should be. Why? Because there are many pitfalls to laying a carpet by yourself, which is why we recommend that you hire a professional to do the job for you.

The following are just some of the many benefits of hiring a professional carpet fitter:

Quality Installation

When you hire a specialised carpet fitter, they should be qualified to do the job to a particular standard. A professional carpet fitter, especially one recommended to you by a carpet store in Sydney, will make sure that you have an end result that you are completely satisfied with. Even in the unlikely event that you are not completely happy with the service you receive, at least you will have access to a level of recourse, which you would not have if you installed the carpet yourself.

They’ve got Proper tools for the Job

Fitting a carpet is not as simple as it sounds as there is a lot more to it than just cutting to size and laying it out. A professional carpet fitter uses a multitude of specialist tools such as a carpet cutter, knee kicker, carpet stretcher and seam roller, which you may not have access to. If you do have access to these tools, the chances are high that you will not know how to use them properly which could lead to a carpet disaster!

They’re Clean and tidy

A reputable and reliable carpet fitter will ensure that they work cleanly and tidily. Their work will include the removal and disposal of your old carpet, which is one less thing for you to worry about. Once your new carpet is fitted, all leftover bits of carpet are cleared away and neatly disposed of, leaving you with a perfectly carpeted space that is clean and tidy.

Quick and Efficient Service

A professional carpet fitter can have a room carpeted in a matter of hours whereas you could spend a day or two trying to get it right. Save yourself the hassle and guarantee an efficient service by hiring a carpet fitter.

Carpeting your home leads to many fantastic benefits such as warmth, comfort and style. Make the most of the impact that your carpet will make on your home by hiring a professional carpet fitter to ensure that it is fitted in the best way possible.

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5 Useful Tips to Consider when Choosing Carpet

Carpet is one of the most popular floor coverings and can be found in homes all over the world. Its warmth and comfort cannot be beaten and it also lends a certain style to whatever room it is laid in. When it comes to choosing a carpet in Sydney, there are a few things that need to be taken into account in order to select suitable carpet that’s fit for its intended purpose. The following are just 5 of them:

1. What room is the carpet for?

When choosing a carpet, take the room that it will be laid in into consideration. If the carpet is for a room or area that experiences a lot of footfall or traffic, you should opt for a more hardwearing carpet that has a higher percentage of nylon to wool. A softer carpet, with a higher wool percentage, is more suitable to a bedroom or guestroom.

2. What is the quality of the carpet?

A salesperson in a reputable carpet store in Sydney should be able to inform you quickly and easily as to the quality of the carpet that you’re interested in. Alternatively, in most instances, the quality of a carpet will be quite obvious by the texture and thickness of it.

3. What about underlay?

Carpet underlay can greatly enhance the look and appearance of your carpet and can even prolong the duration that it remains functional for. A high quality, padded underlay is a great investment and should always be purchased when choosing a carpet.

4. What are the benefits of this carpet?

Ask your carpeting salesperson as many questions about your chosen carpet as possible so that you can get a good idea of whether it is the right choice for you and your lifestyle. Enquire as to how easy the carpet is to clean, is it hypoallergenic and if there is any warranty available.

5. Can I have a sample?

When choosing carpet, make sure to get a sample of the pieces that you are even slightly considering buying. In this way, you can bring your sample home to see how they fit in with the décor of the room that it’s going in. Not only that, but you can bring the sample of carpet to other carpet stores to ensure that you are getting the best price available.

By answering these questions you can significantly increase your chances of choosing high quality carpet that’s fitting for your home décor, your budget and your personal preferences.

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The Many Different Types of Carpet Fibres

Given the fact that there are so many different options available, choosing the right carpet fibre for your home can be a tough decision. And, if you’re sharing your home with any children or pets, that decision can be made a whole lot more difficult. In order to choose an option that will adequately cater for your own specific needs and requirements, it’s important to know exactly what you want from your new carpet.

Once you hone in on what it is that you need from your carpet, it’s only then that you can actually begin to explore the many different types of carpet materials – some of which include the following.

1. Nylon Carpet: Nylon is a very durable and stain resistant material that is extremely popular among homeowners in the United States, the UK and in Australia. If you’re looking to invest in a nylon carpet for your home it’s worth going to your nearest carpet store and getting a feel for what this type of carpet actually feels and looks like.

2. Polyester Carpets: These types of carpets hold colours very well and won’t fade over time. The fibres in the material are non-allergenic and are, in most cases, eco-friendly as they can be sometimes made from recycled materials including plastic bottles.

3. Polypropylene: What some describe as being very similar to nylon, polypropylene is a very soft fibre. As well as having a luxurious feel, it’s also stain resistant, non-shedding and mildew does not affect it making it an all-round good option for many.

4. Wool Carpets: Primarily seen as a more lavish flooring option, many companies combine this natural fibre with synthetic fibres to make it cheaper to buy and more robust in terms of longevity and performance. When looking for a wool carpet, ensure that you look around and explore your options as prices can vary quite a lot.

5. Carpet Pile: Probably the least popular option of the five that are mentioned in this article, carpet pile can be cut into a variety of different shapes and is a fibre that’s made with yarn and comes with some form of backing material.

As previously mentioned, you need to sit down and determine what it is that you need from your carpet before setting foot into the carpet store. Do you need it to be extremely durable? Will your budget play a deciding factor in your choice of fibre? These are all questions that need to be answered. Hopefully the info that’s outlined above will help you to make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right carpet fibre for your needs.

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Top Considerations when Choosing Good Carpet in Sydney

Most homeowners and interior designers will agree that, when it comes to flooring, there is nothing more comforting than a really nice, cushioning carpet. In fact, most would agree that stepping onto a sort luxurious carpet barefoot after being on the go all day is a feeling of utter bliss.

Regardless of if you agree with that or not, there’s no denying that carpet is one of the best flooring options that are available. Completely comforting and very attractive, a carpet that is made and fitted to a high standard can be a standout feature in even the most stylish of homes.

Given the amount of colours and styles to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying a carpet in Sydney and beyond. From the basic cost effective options to the more luxurious high-end finishes, there’s a carpet out there that caters to your own specific needs. As well as the price, the following are the top considerations to take into account when buying high quality carpet.

Carpet Styles

Carpet comes in a number of different styles and textures, some of which include plush, Berber, textured, Saxony, and frieze. As mentioned, each type has its own unique look and texture so it pays to do your research into each of the options that are available to you. When choosing a carpet in Sydney or anywhere else for that matter, consider the room in which the carpet is going. Do you need to cover a large area with carpet? What is the current design of the room? Is there a colour pattern that needs to be adhered to? In order to choose the right style for you, these are all questions that need to be answered before you even step into the carpet store.

Choosing a Carpet Store

Once you know what style of carpet that you’re interested in getting, it is important to find a reputable carpet store in Sydney that is known for their high quality carpets. As well as having a trustworthy reputation, make sure that the store you choose offers warranties on its products as well as extra services such as installation, cleaning and maintenance. Your budget is also something that must be kept in mind and the store you decide to deal with should offer a variety of different styles that are well within your price range.

Choosing good carpeting in Sydney is actually not that difficult when you take all of what has been said above into consideration. As with most big purchases, it pays to research so ensure that you do yours before you even step into the store.

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