Before, During and After Your Carpet Installation

So you’ve made the decision to choose carpet for your floors and have pored over endless swatches of available carpet and have made your choice as to which of them you prefer. So what now? Installation is the next step but if you are unsure as to what happens during this process, here is a brief guide to what needs to happen before, during and after the process.


The first thing that you need to do is to remove all furniture from the room that’s being carpeted. You will also need to disconnect any electrical appliances such as televisions, DVD players and stereos. Unless previously agreed with your carpet supplier or fitter, you may have to remove the old floor covering before the carpet fitters arrive. For this purpose, you might need to arrange to have a skip or other means of waste disposal at your home. This can be used to dispose of your old floor covering and to also dispose of any leftover scraps of carpet once the installation is completed.


Similar to the installation of eco flooring such as bamboo flooring in Sydney, it is important that you be present throughout the entire carpet installation process. While this doesn’t mean that you need to stand at the shoulder of your carpet fitter, you will need to be available to answer any questions they may have. Try your best to keep children away from where the installers are working, as they will be using sharp tools that are potentially dangerous to children. When your carpet has been fitted, make sure to walk through the area with the carpet fitter to inspect the finished job and to ask any questions you may have with regard to care and maintenance.


Once the carpet installers have left, it is important to air out your home to get rid of any fumes from the adhesives that were used during the process. Also, after a new carpet has been fitted there may be a period where it appears to shed. This is a normal occurrence and is the result of fibres loosening during the installation. For the first few days after your carpet has been fitted, regular vacuuming will address and rectify the issue. If you have any problems after your carpet has been fitted, such as ripples appearing or any loosening of the carpet, make sure to contact your carpet installer without delay.

As with any home improvement project, planning and preparation is vital when it comes to carpet fitting. Being as informed as possible will make the whole installation process that little bit easier for you and your family.

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A Guide to the Different Types of Timber Flooring

Timber flooring is a popular choice for many homeowners and given the fact that it’s stylish, inviting and hardwearing, it’s no surprise why it’s the perfect choice for many. If you are choosing timber flooring in Sydney for your home but are a little overwhelmed by the variety of selections out there, here is a brief guide to some of the different types of timber flooring to help you to make that choice:

  1. Solid wood

Solid wood flooring is cut from an entire piece of timber and can be finished in any number of ways – varnish, paint, oil or lacquer. While a little more expensive than other options in timber flooring in Northern Beaches, what you get in return is more than worth the additional expense. Solid wood flooring comes in many different forms with the most popular being oak, maple, teak and cherry.

  1. Semi-solid wood

As the name suggests, semi-solid wood flooring comprises of a layer of hardwood bonded to many layers of laminate. This combination makes for a type of flooring that gives the look and style of hardwood flooring but at a lesser cost. Another positive to consider is that semi-solid flooring is more suitable to high moisture areas compared to its solid wood counterpart.

  1. Parquet flooring

Parquet flooring is made up of small blocks of wood that are laid in such a way so as to form an intricate pattern. The installation of a wooden parquet floor is labour intensive, can take a long time to complete and comes with a hefty price tag. However, the results are magnificent to behold – especially in a larger room.

  1. Laminate flooring

Many homeowners opt for laminate flooring for their homes due to its durability and style at a much more affordable price. Laminate flooring is made up of several layers of synthetic fibreboards that are covered with a decorative top layer and designed in such a way so as to replicate natural wood. The biggest advantage of laminate flooring is that it requires little, if any, maintenance.

  1. Bamboo flooring

Although not strictly a timber, bamboo flooring is often considered within this bracket. Bamboo flooring is actually manufactured from sliced bamboo poles that are then processed and glued together in such a way so as to form a plank. This type of flooring is both durable and stylish as well as having the added benefit of being a sustainable source of flooring.

If you want to improve the look and style of your home, timber flooring is the perfect choice. Just make sure that your choice of timber flooring blends well with your lifestyle, décor and, of course, your budget!

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