The Best Flooring Options to Increase the Value of Your Home

One way to increase the value of your home is by upgrading your flooring. The kind of flooring you choose cannot only have a significant impact on the look and feel of your home, but it can have a significant impact on its resale value. Continue reading


5 Fabulous Flooring Trends for 2018


With 2017 coming to an end, there is no better way of saying “goodbye” to the old and “hello” to the new than by renovating your home. And, as is the case with any room in your home, installing a new floor should be the first thing that you do as it will have the biggest impact.

On that note; we’re about to uncover 5 fabulous flooring trends that are set to be huge in 2018.

Let’s start some something for all you lovers of neutral colours…

  1. Grey & White Floors

Grey was hugely popular in 2017 and it is still going to be a real contender as one of the most desired floor colours in 2018.

White flooring is also making a huge comeback as it creates a much more spacious look for modern homes that need to be brightened up.

So whether you’re looking for vinyl flooring in North Shore for your kitchen or floor coverings in Sydney for your bedroom, give come consideration to white and grey floors before going for a conventional wooden floor.

  1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles are a fusion of two-floor material types that bring the art of tiling and carpet together. Whilst it is not the most traditional sense of flooring it offers a new age look for a sophisticated household.

One of the main reasons why carpet tiles are so popular is the ease and quick time at which they can be installed. Top suggestions on colours would be a mix of whites, greys and light greens.

  1. Parquet Hardwood

This style of flooring is going to be seen in millions of homes around the world in 2018. Set to make a comeback towards the second half of this year, Parquet hardwood floors are generally made from small solid wood pieces that are arranged in unique designs and patterns.

Parquet flooring is loved for lots of different reasons including its aesthetic appeal, its durability and budget friendly price.

  1. Timber Flooring

Despite being present at the top of flooring trends every year, timber flooring is still one of the most sought-after finishes in the marketplace.

Homeowners love this type of flooring for its classy old-fashioned look, its rugged appeal and its durability to last for years. Timber flooring continues to keep reinventing itself with new looks, new finishes and new stains so keep an eye out for new kinds of timber floors in 2018.

  1. Engineered Flooring

Engineered Flooring can bring the very same level of natural warmth and depth that real hardwood does, which is just one of the reasons why homeowners love it.

In addition to that, homeowners that choose to install engineered flooring in Sydney don’t have to worry about some of the drawbacks (such as the high price tag and high level of maintenance) that come with genuine hardwood.

And that completes our list of 5 fabulous flooring trends to keep watch for in 2018. Happy decorating!

Top Tips for Investment Properties: All About Flooring

Hardwood flooring

Building, designing and renovating your own home is incredibly exciting, but it’s also difficult. This is especially true if you are doing it for investment purposes; perhaps you want to sell on at a profit, or you may even be thinking about renting it out to tenants.

You need to ensure that any renovations that you do actually add value to your home, and are aligned with your investment purposes.

Flooring is one of the major aspects of any home, and what material you use and how you invest in your flooring could have a big impact on the value of your property.

As experts in hardwood flooring in Sydney and floor coverings in Sydney and other areas countrywide, we know a lot about the best flooring solutions, and here are our tips for your home:

Neutral is nice 

When it comes to putting flooring into a home that you want to resell or rent out, then the best choice is to keep it simple. Don’t go for bold and bright, because what could be your cup of tea could be awful to potential tenants and buyers.

Try and appeal to a broader audience by using neutral colours that won’t be too much of a contrast.

Market research is essential 

Try and imagine who you think is going to buy or rent your house – is it in a university town? This would mean students; if it’s an apartment in the inner city, it’s going to be young professionals.

Areas with a lot of schools are likely to attract families and so on. Once you know who you are targeting you can make your floor suit their needs.

For example you may want to buy engineered flooring in Sydney for young, modern professionals, but you are unlikely going to want to invest in hardwood or timber if students are going to be living in the house.

Durability is essential 

Durability is always important when you are renovating, however it’s even more essential if you are thinking of renting your property out.

As landlords you will be in charge of all maintenance, so it’s of utmost importance not just to get a floor that is affordable and durable but also that you purchase fittings and accessories that have a lengthy warranty to cover any mishaps that may happen.

Hardwood is more expensive but lasts a very long time, and remember if you are putting in carpeting that it should be low maintenance and easy to clean.

The Advantages of Hardwood Timber Flooring in Your Home

timber flooring

So, you’ve decided to renovate your home and it’s time for you to decide what kind of flooring you want to install in your rooms. Like most Australians, you most likely want something that looks really great, isn’t a hassle when it comes to upkeep, is going to last you a long time and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

As specialists in timber flooring Chatswood, timber flooring Sydney and a variety of other flooring materials – we know which kind of floor will suit a particular house and what material is best for our clients.

As professionals in timber flooring Northern Beaches, we couldn’t be more encouraging when it comes to installing timber flooring into your home. These are just some of the many benefits that you will get:

  • Easy installation for those with DIY experience

If you are looking to install your floor on a DIY project then a hardwood timber floor is a great match.

It’s specifically milled (if it’s finished as opposed to unfinished of course) to create a uniform and stable fit, making it a pretty straightforward project for people that have a wealth of DIY experience. It isn’t advised for novices however.

  • Low maintenance

Floors tend to get dirty with all the traffic that goes over them, particularly if you have children or pets. However, timber floors are relatively easy to clean when compared to other flooring types, as they don’t accumulate dust, dirt or much other debris.

They only require a weekly clean of mopping, sweeping and drying and they will stay in tiptop condition.

  • They look great

When it comes to aesthetic appeal, you can’t get much better than hardwood timber flooring. They offer a warm and elegant finish to a room, and they also tend to make rooms looks more spacious.

  • Strong and durable

If you get a high quality timber floor that you look after well, chances are that you won’t have to replace it for a very long time. Some floors are known to last generations, as they are incredibly tough and able to withstand high volumes of foot traffic.

  • They add value to your home

Hardwood timber flooring is a great long-term investment and can actually increase the value of your home if you are looking to resell.

  • Huge variety to choose from

There is a huge selection of looks to choose from with timber so you’ll be spoilt for choice. From stains and colours to styles and wood types, you’ll have many decisions to make and finding the perfect choice for your home will be easy.

Hardwood timber flooring has long been a top choice for Australian homeowners and that trend will continue into 2018 and beyond.

Cleaning Your Home for Spring


They don’t call it a “spring clean” for nothing, and it is the most popular time of the year for Australians to give their homes a thorough going over to ensure that it’s clean for the warm months ahead.

It’s also the time when pollen and dust is most likely to make its way into our carpets and bedding; whether you have Godfrey Hirst Carpet or some other brand – chances are that you are going to have to keep them spotless for spring and summer.

Our experts in carpet Manly, and carpet Sydney suggest getting your home professionally cleaned during the spring to ensure that dust, pollen and other allergens are properly removed from your home.

Dirt can accumulate in your home during winter, and this is exacerbated by the high numbers of pollen that is released during spring.

The combination of these two factors could make your house into an incredibly unpleasant space for friends and family members that have allergies, asthma and other respiratory issues.

Pollen and dust settle and build up in material particularly well, and a thorough vacuuming and dusting sometimes simply isn’t enough. They may clean on a superficial level, but to get your house truly summer-ready you will have to invest in some sort of professional, deep clean.

Here is a list of the most important things to get done during your spring clean:

Carpets and rugs

Carpets and rugs are the main culprits when it comes to a build-up of dust and pollen, and these should be the first thing that you get cleaned in your home.

Aesthetically they also have the propensity to show stains, and general wear and tear a little more than other flooring; a regular cleaning will keep them looking fresh and new.


It’s amazing how often mattresses are overlooked when it comes to cleaning. While they are comfortable to sleep on, they can also harbour lots of dust and other allergens. It’s imperative to clean your mattress thoroughly when you have the chance.


Armchairs, sofas, and other furniture is wonderful to lay about on, but they also tend to attract and get a build-up of dust and pollen, which is almost impossible to get rid of with just an average vacuum cleaner.


They may not seem likely culprits, but curtains are also one of the dirtiest items in your household, as they don’t just pick up dirt off the floor if they are long but also catch dust and pollen from in the air.

If you have professional cleaners in, then make sure that they do the curtains so you don’t have to worry about asthma and other allergies during summer.

And there you have it; all of the above should keep you on your toes for quite some time!

How to Clean and Maintain Laminate Flooring


Laminate flooring is some of the most popular flooring globally, and despite the growing trends of edgy or natural material flooring, its popularity has never waned.

This is because laminate flooring is incredibly cost effective, and new technology has enabled laminate flooring to mimic the look of many other materials.

Despite this popularity, few people actually know how to clean laminate flooring and will go to the professionals in Laminate flooring Northern Beaches or experts in Laminate flooring North Shore because they have no idea how to do it themselves.

Well, here are some handy tips for keeping your laminate floor looking and feeling clean:

Sweeping isn’t ideal for laminate flooring

It may seem like a good idea to simply sweep up the dirt off your laminate flooring, however if you speak to flooring companies that specialize in laminate flooring Northern Beaches – sweeping is not the ideal way to clean your floor and chances are that little bits will be left behind.

These could get stuck in a mop and scratch the floor when you try to clean it after sweeping.

A dry dust mop or vacuum cleaners are your best options for cleaning a laminate floor effectively, and without damaging it.

If you use a vacuum cleaner, something with an on/off brushroll or a setting for hard floors will be best – this will be less likely to scratch your floor.

You don’t have to have laminate floor cleaner

Like most products, some people do have brands that they like to stick to and they refuse to budge to anything else.

However, in the case of laminate floor cleaner, buying a branded, expensive product isn’t entirely necessary and you should choose a cleaner that is going to fit into your budget.

If you would prefer to make your own floor cleaner at home, there is a whole host of homemade cleaner instructions out there that will save you money, and still effectively clean your laminate floor.

Never use too much soap when you clean a laminate floor, this will often leave nasty marks and residue.

Liquid is really bad for laminate flooring

According to the experts in laminate flooring North shore, too much liquid is one of the main causes of laminate damage, as it gets in between the laminate boards and causes swelling.

This swelling cause the laminate to lift and peel and it will need to be replaced. You need very little water to clean your laminate floor, and take care to only apply as much as needed when cleaning. If the floor doesn’t dry in one to two minutes after mopping, then you have used too much liquid and must use less next time.


Protecting your laminate floor is also imperative. Make sure your pet’s claws are clipped, your son doesn’t wear his cricket/rugby studs on it, and no high heels scratch it.

Also using mats and furniture protectors will help to prevent scratches and damage.

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring might just have all of the answers to your flooring requirements. It’s long lasting, hardwearing and it looks great, but that’s only if it’s properly cared for.

If you feel that you’re not getting the most out of your newly laid laminate flooring in Crows Nest, the following are five ways that you could be ruining your flooring without you even knowing it;


  1. Using too much water

Whilst water is necessary when it comes to getting a dirty floor clean, using too much water is definitely not a good idea. Excess water can seep into the cracks and ridges causing swelling and all kinds of irreversible damage.

As is the case with cleaning vinyl flooring in Sydney, a little bit of water goes a long way when cleaning a laminate floor. In fact, most floors can be cleaned with a dust mop and sticky or stubborn stains can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.

  1. Using the wrong cleaning agents

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the more detergent you use, the cleaner your floor will be as quite often the opposite is true.

Whatever cleaning solution you’re using, be sure to read the instructions and always use a cleaning spray that’s deemed suitable for use on laminate flooring.

  1. Not enough sweeping and/or vacuuming

All kinds of dirt can cause damage to a laminate floor as it can dull its shine and cause scratches. Regular sweeping and/or vacuuming is required to remove everyday dirt from your floor’s surface so never skimp on this part of your to-do list.

Using a dust mop instead of a regular brush with hard bristles is recommended.

  1. Allowing streaks of direct sunlight into your home

Did you know that patches of sunlight that come into your home in the same pattern everyday can fade and damage sections of your laminate flooring?

A quick fix is to use curtains, blinds or some form of window decoration to protect your floor during sunlight hours.

  1. Leaving potted plants on the floor

We all love the sense of the great outdoors that a potted plant can introduce to a home but leaving your potted plants on your laminate flooring isn’t such a good idea.

Overfilling the pots with water can cause damage to your flooring so we recommend placing all of your greenery on a mat that will soak up all excess leaks and foliage.

And that completes our list of five ways that you might be ruining your laminate flooring without you even knowing it! Follow all of the above and your flooring will stay looking newer for longer.