Easy Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Timber Flooring Looking Great


Good quality flooring can give a drab looking room a whole new lease of life. If you’ve just installed timber flooring in your Chatswood home, you’ll understand just how big of a difference a new timber floor can make.

But to maintain that gleaming new look that’s currently brightening up your space, there are some steps that you should take.

On that note; the following are some easy cleaning tips to keep your new flooring in Chatswood looking brand spanking new for as long as possible.

  • Daily Schedule: Running a dry mop or brush that has been treated with a dusting agent across your floor is a great way of removing hair, dust, dirt and all other particles that are inconspicuous to the naked eye.
  • Weekly Schedule: Regular mopping is essential, but it’s not enough. To give your timber flooring in Chatswood a real deep clean, slightly dampen (don’t wet) your mop and apply a mild cleaning solution. Too much water won’t do your flooring any favours so don’t allow excessive water to rest on the surface area of your floor as it could cause a lot of potential damage over time.

    Feel free to rotate your mopping schedule with vacuuming as it’s equally as effective in removing the dirt that daily mopping and brushing can’t remove. Make sure to get into those hard to reach corners and spaces between boards for maximum results.

Advanced Tips

  • Know your flooring: Not all flooring in Chatswood has the same finish so you can’t just use any wax and detergent. If you’re not sure what kinds of products are safe, give your flooring suppliers a call and ask them for their advice on what solutions are safe and effective for cleaning.
  • Invest in furniture pads: This isn’t exactly a cleaning tip, but investing in furniture pads is essential if you want to keep your floors scratch free. Put them on your tables, chairs, and any other furnishings and fixtures that are in contact with the boards.
  • Polishing – Depending on the level of footfall that your timber flooring gets, polishing is recommended at least once every 2-3 months. Again, be sure to check your manufacturers guidelines to ensure that the polish you use is safe.
  • Sanding & Refinishing – Sanding and refinishing your floor will completely remove its protective layer and replace it. Doing so will ensure that your flooring has maximum protection which will help to prolong its shine and new look.
  • Use the Right Tools & Detergents – Don’t make the mistake of damaging your flooring by using the incorrect cleaning tools and detergents. If your vacuum has a beater bar, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with the boards and be very careful if it has wheels as dragging it from one corner to another may cause scratches.

    Stay away from soap-based cleaners and avoid using vinegar and excessive amounts of water.

Finding the best ways to keep your timber flooring looking amazing takes some time, but we hope that we’ve answered some of your burning questions.

Remember! If you look after your flooring, it will serve you for many, many years.


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