Top Reasons Why You’ll (Almost) Always See Wool Carpet in Show Homes

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Choosing flooring for your home is no easy task. Whether you’re kitting out a new build or you’re updating your current floors, it’s vital that you get your choice of flooring right as you’ll want them to last you for a few years and not have the need to do more renovating.

We’re going to talk about particular type of flooring that’s never lost its popularity vote over the years.

Wool carpet creates a look at atmosphere like no other, and today we’re going to give you some of the reasons why you’ll (almost) always see this type of floor covering in show homes.

Luxurious, warm, comfortable and long-lasting

Many people choose wool carpet in Sydney and beyond as it’s seen to be the most luxurious option. It not only provides a soft, warm and comfortable surface for living rooms and bedrooms, but it’s extremely resilient too, being able to withstand the toughest treatment.

Its superior rich look and expensive feel puts it head and shoulders above carpets manufactured from man-made fibres, especially if one wants to create an indulgent feel for a room.

Furthermore, it has many advantages over man-made fibres, which are an important consideration if your choice of carpet is not purely dictated by money.

Advantages of wool carpets

Perhaps the biggest advantage of fitting a wool carpet is that, as it’s made from natural fibres, it’s non-allergenic, making it an ideal choice if you suffer from allergies or asthma and you don’t want to install hard flooring.

Furthermore, it inhibits the growth of dust mites and bacteria, an important consideration if you have toddlers in the house.

Unlike some man-made carpet fibres, wool doesn’t emit any harmful or toxic gases, and is naturally flame retardant, making it one of the safest flooring options around. In fact, when it comes to installing fire-retardant carpet, North Shore homeowners find that wool is a perfect option.

You’ll also find that wool carpets don’t age as quickly as those made from man-made fibres, and they respond better to cleaning.

With regular cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer of a wool carpet, Sydney homeowners have found that their carpets bounce back quickly after professional attention and they look like new again.

Looking after your new wool carpet

If you’ve decided that wool carpet is a good choice for you, it’s advisable to have a regular cleaning schedule to keep them looking their very best and to prevent stains from taking a hold.

If your carpet hasn’t been treated with an anti-stain protector during its manufacturing process, ask your local carpet stockists or carpet cleaners to apply one for you. It will provide the protection that carpet owners in North Shore and beyond need to look after their investment.

Create that brand new showroom vibe in your home by installing the highest quality woolen carpet that you can afford. Despite your initial investment, you won’t regret it!



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