Things to Consider when Installing Hardwood Flooring over Existing Vinyl Flooring

Carpet Right SeoWhile vinyl flooring may be a great choice in terms of affordability, there’s something about the appeal of hardwood flooring that has prompted many Sydney homeowners to upgrade their floors.

If you’re following suit but you don’t want to rip up your old vinyl flooring before you lay your new floor, there are a few things that you’ll need to take into consideration.

Here’s our brief guide on what to look out for before you cover your vinyl floors with the kind of hardwood flooring Sydney homeowners are drooling over:

Check out the subfloor beneath your vinyl flooring

Perhaps the most important thing to check before you consider installing a wooden floor over vinyl is the subfloor.

When installing any kind of hardwood flooring in Sydney or beyond, experts would always recommend that it be installed over an appropriate sub-floor, such as one that’s made of concrete or wood.

This is to ensure that there is a stable base on which to install your new wooden floor.

Is your vinyl firmly attached to your sub-floor?

When you’re happy that your sub-floor is robust enough, check that the vinyl flooring is securely attached to it to ensure your new wooden floor won’t move once it’s laid.

When checking out the stability of vinyl flooring Northern Beaches homeowners will find that floorboards are the most common sub-floor.

In this case, you’ll need to establish which direction your boards run, so that the new boards can be laid at 90 degrees to your existing boards.

Once again, this will give you much more stability, and will ensure that your new hardwood flooring will be even and safe to walk on.

Is your vinyl floor cushioned?

If your current vinyl flooring in Northern Beaches is covered with cushioning, chances are that your new hardwood flooring is going to creak or squeak when walked on.

Although it’s possible to minimise this noise by adding a layer of underlay, if you do have cushioned vinyl on your floors, it’s best to consult a professional before fitting your new hardwood flooring.

One final thing to consider when installing hardwood over vinyl flooring

Unless you’ve lived in your house since it was built, it’s always wise to sneak a peek under the vinyl flooring to see what’s lurking there.

While it could be concrete, it’s also possible that there’s already a perfectly good hardwood floor just waiting to be uncovered.

And if you’re looking for hardwood flooring in Sydney, you’d save a lot of money by making such a discovery.


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